Acceptance into JET is conditional on strict adherence to the following:

The player agrees to a specifically designed programme, which will include the following commitments.

Attendance of their weekly tennis time table

A comprehensive competitive schedule.

(a) Continuing participation in the programme is subject to regular reviews. There will be a formal review annually in May. At this time it will be decided if it right for the player to continue in the programme the following year.

(b) Individual players may be removed at the discretion of JET for breaches of discipline, failure to comply with Code of Conduct, failure to comply with any terms of this agreement or reasons related to attitude or behaviour. Removal from the programme will result in all benefits received under it being withdrawn.

Players will be given non-branded JET apparel. When appropriate, please wear this.

The Player agrees to behave in a proper and civil manner and promote the best interests of JET and any JET Sponsor and Partner (David Lloyd) at every opportunity.

The Player agrees to sign and abide by the David Lloyd Terms and Conditions of membership.   

Memberships to David Lloyd Riverside Northwood are only valid whilst part of the JET programme.